Caraway Versus Price Is Going to Be the Best Dallas County Election Ever

Dwaine Caraway's "big announcement" Tuesday, to borrow a phrase from Dennis Green, was what we thought it was. Caraway is going to run for Dallas County commissioner Place 3. You know, the one that's been held by John Wiley Price since 1985.

Before we even get to Price, let's talk for a minute just about Caraway's campaign kickoff event Tuesday in the Cedars. A group of mariachis and a smooth jazz duo were there. He danced into his rally accompanied by a drum line. He stressed connecting the dots between the cities of Dallas County so, among other things, Dallas County residents would know where to find good chicken if they wanted to find some good chicken (he really said that). He had a group of women dramatic unveil his campaign posters.

Price reacted to Caraway's announcement as one might expect he would, mocking two of Caraway's pet causes.

"We’ve got more than plastic bags and pull up your pants to be concerned about," Price said after Tuesday's county commissioners meeting. 

Caraway told reporters that Price's comments were proof that there was more work to be done. He wasn't thinking about Price's looming criminal trial on various corruption-related charges when he entered the race, he said, he just wanted something to do after serving the maximum four terms on the city council.

Caraway did stress his intention not to run a negative campaign, saying he wouldn't "throw the first rock."

As for rocks two through 10,000, we wait in gleeful anticipation.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.