Chalk One Up for Karma: Tiger Woods Overshadowed by Phil-Good Story


Karma 1, Tiger Woods 0.

See, that's what I'm talking about. Why give Tiger an exaggerated ovation when you can cheer for someone who overcomes adversity that isn't self-inflicted? Someone who doesn't made repetitive, horrible, corrupt choices. Someone whose wife and mother are dealing with breast cancer. Someone like Phil Mickelson.

When Mickelson won The Masters Sunday afternoon, he walked off the 18th green, hugged wife Amy and officially became the anti-Tiger. And my favorite golfer. The image of Tiger finishing fourth was as fresh as the details of him hugging not his wife, but his 17 mistresses.

While Mickelson was showing husbands - and golfers, didja see his shot on 13? - across America how it's done, Tiger was breaking par but also his promises. He and Dallas-based coach Hank Haney vowed that he was going to be more reserved, more respectful of golf.


After an errant tee shot on Saturday, Tiger blurted out "Tiger Woods, you suck! ... God dammit!" Then yesterday he offered a "Jesus Christ!" after a yanked drive.

So confusing. I thought he was going to get back to his religious roots and have Buddha on his bag? And, okay, even if he gets mad, isn't his outburst akin to a Christian stubbing his toe and yelling "Buddha!!"

Seriously, after his first tournament back the only thing different about Tiger was the fact that he sometimes wore sunglasses. And that, my friends, is why you should cheer for the good guys like Phil Mickelson.

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