Cheaters Never Win?

I realize we are a society of cheaters:

Steroids and corked bats in baseball. Spying in the NFL. Fudging our taxes. Speeding. Rosie Ruiz in the Boston Marathon. Foot wedges in golf. NASCAR crew chiefs altering specifications. Ponzi schemes. Our spouses.

I get it. Cut a corner here or tell a lil' white lie there. Anything in the name of getting ahead. Right?

But every once in a while the habitual cheaters get their comeuppance, in the form of $200 finger waggings. On Monday police officers ticketed 75 jerks and jerkettes who drove solo in Central Expressway's HOV lanes.

To this I say: Brah. Vo!

Like I've been saying since May 2008, still think the HOV lanes are a disaster.

The stretch running from Allen to Plano that I regularly bypass - and, no, thanks for asking: I've never gone solo in the HOV - remains closed, littered with shredded tires, pieces of hubcaps, pylon schrapnel, diaper boxes, broken glass and who knows what all else.

But - if only for a day; if only at (radar) gunpoint - makes me feel a little better about our planet that we all played by the same rules ...

I now return you to your regular scheduled chaos.

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