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Dwaine Caraway Has Skipped 52,500 Calories and Dropped 15 Pounds in the Last Three Weeks

City Council member Dwaine Caraway might be having a bit of trouble abiding by his own "Pull Your Pants Up" initiative after losing 15 pounds since the start of his Councilman Caraway Wellness Challenge three weeks ago.

Caraway checked in at 300 pounds at the press conference announcing the challenge, a weight he said was the heaviest he'd ever been. He had one last meal at Rudy's Chicken the night before, then started "eating healthier and simply making better food choices," as he told his Facebook audience.

Given that one has to bypass or burn off about 3,500 calories to drop a pound, Caraway has avoided some 52,500 calories, or about the total number calories someone on a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet would've consumed over the three weeks.

Caraway says he isn't using diet pills or any other unnatural means to get his admittedly impressive results, so Unfair Park says good for him. Our only request? That he one-up John Wiley Price with a "Fit at 65" calender a couple of years from now.

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