Dwaine Caraway's Last, Lousy Act as Fake Mayor

During last Thursday's NBA championship parade for the Mavericks, Fake Mayor Dwaine Caraway -- remember, he's only interim Mayor because Tom Leppert up and quit -- rode in a red convertible and waved to his unadoring crowd.

Yep, the guy who gave the key to the city to Michael Vick now wanted to smudge the coattails of a long-awaited champion.   

Wait, it gets worse.

Among the 200,000 fans in attendance, one carried a homemade sign that read "Dallas is the Shit!" Not particularly creative. Or good. Or ... offensive.

But Fake Mayor Caraway, determined to put his stamp on a shining day and make sure the real citizens of his artificial domain knew he was in control, wasn't about to stand for it. Nope, the guy who lied about an incident involving his wife and fabricated characters named Arthur and Archie was suddenly all about morals and standards and taste and decency.


What'd his Fake Excellency do?


Around the 2:30 mark of the clip he stops waving to the crowd long enough to point a Dallas police officer in the direction of the "Dallas is the Shit!" sign to have it removed. And, according to the audio of an eyewitness, "tearing it up."


No. 1: Does he have the authority to censor freedom of speech?

No. 2: Good riddance.

New, validated Mayor Mike Rawllings can't take office fast enough. And hopefully Arthur and Archie are crafting "Welcome Home, $%#@&^!" signs as we speak.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.