Founders Square Downtown Has Been Evacuated. Because a Bomb Threat'll Do That.

If you're headed over to Founders Square in the next, oh, little while or, really, anywhere near the 900 block of Jackson Street downtown, you might wanna hold off: A Friend of Unfair Park who works in the building says it was just cleared due to a bomb threat. Dallas Police Department spokesman Kevin Janse confirms: "Management decided to evacuate the building." And the street in front of the building's been closed off till further notice. Updates forthcoming.

Update at 3:56 p.m.: Janse just sent this what-the-what:

Central Patrol Officers are working a bomb treat at Founders Square located at 900 Jackson St. The call came in to security at 3 p.m. from an unknown caller saying there was a bomb in the building. Management of the building decided to evacuate the building and wait for the Explosive Ordinance Unit to respond to conduct a search. Vehicle traffic around the building is not being interrupted, only pedestrian traffic is being rerouted.
Update at 4:21 p.m.: Patrick Michels happened to be down there, and reports back that all's clear and folks have been let back into the building. But he did speak to the woman in the management office who took the initial call. She said it went down something like this:
Ring, ring.
"There's a bomb in your building. You have to get out of your building."
"Who is this?"
That, right there, that's a lead.

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