Frisco's Erin Brockovich Update = Defeated

Got a call over the weekend from Charmane Jackson, who lost her legal fight against golf manufacturing giant U.S. Kids Friday in Sherman.

After a week of testimony the jury deliberated only 90 minutes before failing to find U.S. Kids responsible for the death of 12-year-old Chandler Jackson.

Asked if the jury found U.S. Kids responsible for the breakage of the club, the foreman read "No."

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Asked if the jury found U.S. Kids responsible for Chandler's death, the foreman read "No."

Asked if the jury found Chander Jackson's actions responsible, the foreman read "Yes."

Said a devastated Charmane, "We're in shock."

So sketchy was the company about its case that U.S. Kids offered to settle before the trial. But in the end - with no witnesses as to what really happened that day in a Kentucky ditch - the jury decided not to blame a company for what it's deemed an individual freak accident.

Guess not all admirable sojourns have Hollywood endings.

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