Geez. That Didn't Last Long. Phillip Linder Out, David Finn In As GOP Candidate for DA.

Less than two months after we introduced you to criminal defense lawyer Phillip Linder, the would-be Republican challenger to Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins has stepped aside and is now supporting David Finn, a fellow criminal defense lawyer and former trial judge and federal prosecutor.

At least that's what we've been told by Finn, who says he also has the backing of Toby Shook and others yet to be announced. Finn adds that he doesn't expect a challenger in the primary, so it will be smooth sailing until November. So what makes him think he's got a shot against Watkins?

"I like Craig. He's a friend. I've known him for a long time. I've supported him. I've had at least one fund-raiser for him and contributed to his campaigns, but this latest series of stories on Channel 8 on this catch-and-release policy really concerns me as a citizen. When we've got alleged or arrested murderers and child rapists being deported to Mexico before they step foot in court really concerns me."

More from Finn tomorrow, along with thoughts from Dallas County GOP chair Jonathan Neerman. We hope to talk to Linder as well.

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Sam Merten
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