Glenn Beck Buys 72,000-Square-Foot Studios At Las Colinas, Is Apparently Here To Stay

The Glenn Beck media empire won't be paying rent in Irving anymore. Mercury Radio Arts, Beck's "news, opinion and entertainment network," announced Wednesday afternoon its purchase of the Studios at Las Colinas, which has served as home base for The Blaze and his Glenn Beck show since 2012.

Lest we forget, Robocop, JFK, Silkwood, Prison Break and, last but not least, Walker Texas Ranger, sprang from this studio. Now, for the foreseeable future, the renamed Mercury Studios will beam out into the world programming like "B.S. of A," "Liberty Treehouse" and, of course, Beck's own fetal cheeks and indecipherable diagrams.

"We are proud to call Texas our home and be part of the local community in Irving," he told TheBlaze. "We are building a world-class facility that provides TheBlaze with the highest quality talent and top of the line production capabilities so American stories can be told to viewers across the country."

Unfortunately, Beck could not be in Irving for the announcement. He attending a rally in D.C., where he delivered a stemwinder titled "We Will No Longer Accept the Lies," in which he invoked Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King, icons of social justice, without apparent irony.

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