Godless Dallas Heathens in the Running for 2012 Atheist Billboard of the Year

Dallas-area atheists had a controversial and often entertaining 2012, in which they pissed off both movie theaters and Baptist preachers . Our recent cover story about the rise of atheism in Texas also brought furious arguing in the comments section and, in our sister paper in Houston, Bible tracts from someone worried about the immortal souls of our readership.

The ad campaign from the Dallas Fort Worth Coalition of Reason that so displeased area moviegoers was titled "Our Families Are Great Without Religion." Although the movie theater ads never ran, a planned billboard along Interstate 30 went up on schedule. Now, national atheist blog Patheos has nominated it as a contender for best atheist billboard of the year.

There are 19 other nominees, however, and the competition is pretty fierce. The Boulder Atheists came out swinging with "God Is An Imaginary Friend," , while California's Backyard Atheists make the bold claim that "Atheists Are Better Lovers." (Because "no one is watching," you see. In fact, as psychologist Darrel Ray told us during an atheist convention in Austin, a large survey found that Unitarians have the least sexual guilt of any denomination, including atheists and agnostics.)

The winner will receive a $100 donation from Patheos and, we assume, a guaranteed spot in one of hell's classiest circles. Good luck, Dallas.

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Anna Merlan
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