Ssh! Can you hear Greggo? Me neither.

Greg Williams Muzzled by ESPN Radio’s Hardball

First off, congrats to ESPN Radio for being nominated for a 2008 Marconi Award. Last month in Austin it was honored by the National Association of Broadcasters as one of five finalists for Sports Station of the Year. (Curiously, The Ticket won the award last year but wasn’t even nominated this year. How does that happen?)

Now, the bad news.

I turned to ESPN Radio Sunday night after Cardinals 30, Cowboys 24 to hear its post-game show. Guided by Wally Lynn and animated by Greg Williams, the show is usually both entertaining and informative. Plus, in light of the Cowboys allowing two special teams touchdowns, I was curious to hear the reaction of one Joe Avezzano.

But what did I get? Baseball.

I’ve been told the station aired a truncated, 30-minute show sans Greggo. But the fact that I was met by Dodgers-Phillies on the night of the most controversial Cowboys’ game of the season is flat out criminal. I know ESPN just received a national honor and it boasts itself as the “worldwide leader” in sports. But if it’s going to compete locally in Dallas, it can’t air baseball over Cowboys. Ever.

And again last night -- in the wake of Pacman suspended and Roy Williams acquired -- instead of Cowboys analysis we got Red Sox-Rays.

The Rangers are our baseball team, remember? We don’t give a damn.

To be clear, management is contractually obligated by the big bosses in Bristol in run baseball. Which, for Greggo fans, is horrible news. Thanks to baseball and the Mavericks, his GameNight show with RJ Choppy will be pre-empted every night this week after making just one appearance last week.

The show was making progress when I last checked. But with only one full show in 10 nights it’s impossible to build chemistry, much less listeners.

If you’re jonesing for some Greggo, for now you’re forced to settle for his blog. – Richie Whitt

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