Edie Brickell--and the New Bohemians, as well as husband Paul Simon--will perform in Fair Park August 26 at a benefit for one of Brickell's childhood friends.

Hearts and Bones

On October 28, 2005, Robert Meadows--who KXAS-Channel 5 referred to in January as a "42-year-old struggling actor"--was robbed and beaten by three people in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven on Northwest Highway, across the street from Bachman Lake. Meadows, who has been acting in local commercials and industrial films for the last 12 years, suffered severe head trauma and spent weeks in intensive care, where doctors had to put him in a medically induced coma to repair the injuries to his brain. He spent months in rehab, and though he's home now, Meadows is suffering seizures and is still far from being out of the woods; says a recent entry on the blog being maintained here, "Robert is going through a stage where he seems to be confused about what's going on with him [and] this results in him sometimes being a bit violent/angry." And his attackers have never been caught.

Of course, the medical bills have run his family a small fortune; according to the Web site, costs during the past six months along have exceeded $1.5 million. So, to that end, there will be a benefit for Meadows on August 26 at the Music Hall at Fair Park featuring one of Meadows' childhood pals: Edie Brickell, who brings with her not only the New Bohemians but also her husband, Paul Simon, who will appear for what's being billed as "a special acoustic set." Far as we know, this marks the first time the two have shared a stage since they met during Saturday Night Live nearly 20 years ago. Of course, this being a benefit tickets aren't cheap--they run $150, $100 and $75--but how can you possibly complain? You can't. They're available either at Ticketmaster's Web site or by calling 214-373-8000 or 972-647-5700. --Robert Wilonsky

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