David Stanley
David Stanley
David Stanley

Here’s To You, SM-Who?

When you think Penn State football, it’s Joe Paterno. Texas? Gotta go with Earl Campbell. Boise State? Blue astroturf. Boston College? Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary in the Orange Bowl. SMU?

Hmmm. Can I phone a friend?

In a confusing-yet-intriguing promo, CBS College Sports TV is somehow, I think, teaming up with ESPN SportsNation to identify the Face of the Program for all college football schools. With some, pinpointing an iconic image is a no-brainer. With our heroes on The Hilltop, however, CSTV/CBS/ESPN apparently needs a little help.

Mark ... get set ... jump for My Top 10:

10. Keylon Kincade (I suppose you wanted Peruna?) 9. June Jones (With a bullet) 8. Raymond Berry (SMU's last great receiver?) 7. Bobby Leach’s “Miracle on Fourth Avenue” (91-yard kickoff return against Tech in '82 still provides goose bumps) 6. Don Meredith (They don't make 'em like Dandy anymore) 5. Forrest Gregg (NFL Hall of Famer) 4. Gerald J. Ford (Without him they'd be playing at a high-school dump called Ownby) 3. Pony Express – Eric Dickerson/Craig James (Hard to fathom how good those teams of the '80s were) 2. David Stanley (a.k.a. The Grim Reaper) 1. Doak Walker (Hard to argue with a Heisman) -- Richie Whitt

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