Hey, I Found a Reason to Go to the HD Byron Nelson Classic

No Tiger. No problem.

Phil Mickelson won't be at today's opening round of the HD Byron Nelson Classic out in Las Colinas. Neither will Tiger Woods or past champs like Sergio Garcia or Adam Scott or, really, anybody you've ever heard of outside Vijay Singh and maybe defending champ Rory Sabbatini.

No worries.

There's always The Pavilion, which has matriculated from a simple white refreshment tent into a sprawling eat-it-up, drink-it-down hook-up joint that annually turns the adjacent golf course into a sideshow.

And, this year, The Nelson has Jordan Spieth. Who he?

He's the 16-year-old golf wonderkid from our back yard. The Jesuit junior who this afternoon will make his first appearance in a PGA event. He's the two-time state high school champ, the two-time Nelson Junior tournament champ and our one chance to have Dallas' Tiger Woods.

I'll follow him today to see if he can handle the pressure and hit it with the big boys. Next to Tony Romo teeing it up, is Spieth the biggest local draw out at the TPC?

Other than, of course, the frozen margaritas.

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