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Holy Nevada, The Frogs Smell Like Roses. And the Big East.

Think it's been a wacky college football season?

Michigan, Florida, Southern Cal and Texas are a combined 26-17 22.

And TCU (which is apparently jumping to the Big East in 2012) - at the very worst - is going to the Rose Bowl.

Couldn't believe my eyes early Saturday morning. Despite a stirring comeback by Nevada, Boise State was poised to win their WAC showdown not once, but twice. But both times - once at the end of regulation and once in overtime - the Broncos' senior kicker missed straight-on, chip-shot field goals that allowed the Wolfpack an upset victory.

While Auburn and Oregon rallied from early deficits, TCU throttled pitiful New Mexico to hold onto the BCS' No. 3 spot. As of now, the undefeated Horned Frogs will play Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl.

A slip-up by Auburn against South Carolina in the SEC title game or by Oregon against Oregon State and TCU will be playing for the national championship January 10 in Glendale, Arizona.

Having watched almost every play of all three teams last weekend, I can tell you TCU's defense is by far the fastest and the best, Oregon's offense is the most dangerous from anywhere on the field and Cam Newton is a bigger, better Vince Young.

Though I think TCU-Oregon would be the most entertaining matchup, Newton may make Auburn the best team.

As for the Big East, TCU is going - we presume - because BYU and Utah are leaving the Moutain West and the Frogs desired a league with an automatic BCS berth. In basketball TCU will absolutely get its brains beat in, but in baseball it will run unopposed.

Geographically, it makes about as much sense as Dallas playing in the NFC East. But that's worked out okay, eh? 

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