How Much Do Packers Like Highland Park?

The Green Bay Packers were supposed to practice at SMU. Yeah, not so much. Instead, they wound up using the Highland Park Scots' relatively new indoor practice facility, which, from the looks of this glowing press pack, is worth every penny of the $4.5 million spent. From The Packers' Official Team Blog:

The entire experience of practicing at Highland Park has been neat for the players, who were thoroughly impressed with the high school's indoor facility when they first arrived on Wednesday.

"Most of the high schools from my neck of the woods are rough and when I heard that we were going, I was pretty sure they wouldn't put us at a rinky-dink field," said running back Brandon Jackson, a native of Horn Lake, Miss., during his media session Thursday before practice. "When I saw it, it looked like a college campus."

Receiver Jordy Nelson, who's from Riley County, Kansas, said Highland Park puts a lot of other places to shame.

"We don't have that for a game field," Nelson said. "There's none of that in Kansas. I think it's funny that the high school that's 10, 15 blocks away has an indoor (field), but not SMU. The Washington Redskins don't even have an indoor facility and this high school does, and it's a great one at that. It's nothing that they just threw together. It's top-of-the-line stuff, and we appreciate them allowing us to use it. It's Texas football for you, I guess. They always talk about it, now we get to see it."

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