City Hall

How'd We Miss This? Caraway Went on Cavuto to Discuss Garage Sale Permit Fee Proposal.

Below, Andrea's still liveblogging today's tax-hike showdown at City Hall -- and Dwaine Caraway just wrapped up his prolonged, passionate north-vs.-south speech, which was accompanied by a video presentation filled with boarded-up, burned-down houses and trash-and-weed-strewn lawns in the southern sector. At some point today the council members will also get 'round to discussing their various budget amendments -- among them, Caraway and Delia Jasso's call to raise garage sale permits from $5 to $15.

Which brings me to this: Looking for something else on the YouTube a moment ago I came across Caraway's appearance on FOX Business last week, during which he spoke with Neil Cavuto about the proposal. Cavuto said, "It just looks desperate." Then he called it "financial Armageddon." Band name alert.

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