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Landmark Commission Tells Man With Phony Lawn to Keep it Real ... and Yank It Out

Just as a Friend of Unfair Park was sending along photos of Jose Escobedo's phony front lawn, Melissa Crowe, one of our summer interns, walked into my office to report that the lawn's no mow ... pardon, the lawn's no more. At least, that's how the Landmark Commission ruled moments ago at Dallas City Hall when deciding after all that, nope, phony grass just ain't consistent with a historic district, sorry. Said commissioner Ann Piper, the neigborhood dates back to the early 1900s, and "there wouldn't have been artificial turf used in that period."

Reports Melissa, the vote was unanimous -- and came after only 20 minutes of discussion, including a defense mounted by Escobedo (and his translator, who said Escobedo didn't understand warnings from the city that had been English-only). Commissioner Luis Cruz especially was offended not only by the lawn, but Escobedo's attitude -- a "lack of respect" -- during the presentation. Escobedo now has 30 days to appeal the ruling to the City Plan Commission.

Says our good Friend, a neighborhood of Esobedo's, "As you can see the lawn looks GREAT. A little movie-set like, kinda too perfect, but nice. And it really is more environmentally friendly.  It's supposed to last 20 years. So that's 20 years of no water, no fertilizer, and no lawn mower exhaust. Plus I hear it's all the rage in L.A." Another photo follows.

(Update: Oh, and this one's for you, Mr. Escobedo.)

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