Laura Miller Will Always Have a Job, As Long as Jim Schutze Keeps His

You know, of course, that they don't let you talk about the really good questions from listeners when you're on a talk show. I was on Think on KERA-FM (90.1) at noon today with Krys Boyd. She's real smart. Dave Levinthal of The Dallas Morning News and I were talking about the mayor's race.

So while we're sitting there doing our blah-blah-blah, Jeff Whittington, producer of the show (and host of Anything You Ever Wanted to Know But Jim Schutze Wasn't There) came in with an e-mailed question: Is Laura Miller going to return to the Dallas Observer after she leaves office, and will she and Jim Schutze form an investigative team? But we didn't get to talk about it on the air. So let me say this about that:

Sure. She could come back. And I would welcome her with open arms. But I would probably need one hand to cover my most private of areas.

I have been telling these people around here for years: I need an assistant. For that job, I would interview Laura Miller and Laura Miller alone. Then I would make a decision on which one to hire. --Jim Schutze

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