LeBron > Dirk. LeBron = Dirk? LeBron + Dirk!

Granted, he's a better player. Better defender. Better passer.

Yeah, a better player.

But after last week's second-round playoff flameout by the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James isn't a more accomplished player than our own Dirk Nowitzki.


Both have MVPs. Both have led teams to the best record in the league. Both have played - and lost - in one NBA Finals. Both are chastised for their lack of leadership and belittled for their void of jewelry.

Both, at this point, are on the short list of "best players to have never won a championship."

The real question: Do the Dallas Mavericks have a realistic chance of acquiring LeBron James?

I think so. And Sports Illustrated agrees.

Rarely do I join Facebook groups, but over the weekend I did click-up for LeBron James, Youro Next Dallas Maverick. Because, after all, it can't hurt.

On July 1 James will become the most attractive free agent in the history of professional sports. Yes, his Cavaliers can offer a maximum contract of around six years, $125 million, more than any other team. The smart money - and the gambling sites that are installing Cleveland as the heavy favorite and the Mavericks as a 40-1 longshot in the superstar sweepstakes - says LeBron stays put.

But I think it's way more likely that, if LeBron leaves, he'll do it via a sign-and-trade. The Cavaliers will seek something in return for the departure of King James, right? And, don't look now, your Mavericks have something indeed.

A winning foundation. Another superstar in his prime in Nowitzki. The enticing, valuable expiring contract of Erick Dampier and Caron Butler. The Dallas Cowboys (who just so happen to be LeBron's favorite team). Jason Kidd (one of LeBron's best friends). And an ambitious, creative owner in Mark Cuban.

Not saying LeBron James, Dallas Maverick is going to happen.

But I am saying that it's not impossible.

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