Meat Avi Adelman

Say what you will about Avi Adelman, but far as one employee at the Kroger's on Mockingbird Lane and Greenville Avenue is concerned, the man is a bona fide hero. Guess it's what happens when you grow up the son of grocers, as the Barking Dog did. Jump for the confirmed story of Avi's heroism, which, like all great stories, involves meat and pants. --Robert Wilonsky

A shoplifter was arrested in our store last night at 5 p.m.. He was tackled and held down by a shopper who saw him stick stuff in his pants.

The shopper came up from behind the shoplfter and got him on the ground before he knew what hit him.

When the manager came over and asked why he tackled the guy, the shopper rolled him over and showed all the meat packages in his pants. It was about $100 worth of barbecue rib packages.

The guy who tackled him was the guy who does the Daily Crime Report -- he gave his business card to the manager and then finished his shopping. He did not even hang around to talk to the police.

Just thought you should know that the store employees really appreciate someone like this helping us and not trying to grandstand it or ask for rewards (yes that happens too).

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Robert Wilonsky
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