Michael Irvin Goes on Jimmy Kimmel and Doesn't Mention Tony Romo's Ancestry At All

Dunno how we missed this...oh, wait, yeah, I do. I never watch Jimmy Kimmel Live. Nothing against the former host of The Man Show, except for the fact he's the former host of The Man Show. He seems like a solid dude, and Sarah Silverman probably has good taste (and probably tastes good -- no, thank you), if you don't count her entire filmography pre-2003.

But on Tuesday, Michael Irvin was on Kimmel's late-night ABC show, ticking off the names of his 16 brothers and sisters, pimping his ESPN gig and talking about how, during a lunch with T.D. Jakes after church one day, Emmitt Smith needed "a brother check" before he signed on to do Dancing with the Stars. "I didn't know if the brothers would approve," Irvin says. "I just thought it would be good for him to do it." But would Irvin do Dancing? Mebbe... Oh, and does Mike still think about the fact he ain't in the Hall of Fame? Most definitely.

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