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Mike Bacsik: Wrong, But Did He Deserve To Be Fired?

I'm not just saying this because he's in sports talk radio and a fellow Duncanville High School alum, but I feel horrible about The Ticket's suspension firing of Mike Bacsik.

His crime: TWI. Tweeting While Intoxicated.

Was what he said racist and offensive? Absolutely. In this day and age of everyone sees everything (right, Jerry Jones?), should Bacsik have known better? Of course.

I said yesterday I was surprised The Ticket made this a big deal, especially a suspension. Still doubt if they'd take such a, um, hard-line stance if the Tweet(s) came from Corby Davidson.)

But then the story goes to national to CNN, and last night he gets fired.

In review, should he have been suspended? Fired?

Moreover, can a company hold you accountable for comments on your personal Twitter? Hmm.


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