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Now That the Super Bowl is Over, Let's Disqus. Olive Branch?

Let me get this outta the way once and for all:

I'm short(ish). Bald(ing). And, since I don't adopt  you guys' system of surrendering to middle age but rather I try to combat it, I'm also douche(y). Yes, I work for a free newspaper and my radio station is No. 3 in the sports-talk ratings. And this just in: I make mistakes.

There. Feel better?

I stopped commenting on this here blog a while back because, frankly, the remarks had deteriorated into personal attacks and grade-school goofball "First, bitches" and fake identities having conversations with themselves. Not that it wasn't entertaining, just nothing really given-n-take about it.

But in the last two weeks I've received three heartfelt e-mails -- you know who you are -- both apologizing for the unfair personal attacks and inviting me to rejoin the conversation. The attacks don't bother me even a smidge, as you can't work in newspaper/and or radio without a thick skin. And the e-mails touched me.

So let's do this.

I've created a profile and will try to jump in daily. (By the way, I'm the one with the photo celebrating a wiffle ball homer to the heavens. Beware the knock-offs.) I also Tweet and keep up with Facebook, all the while every day planning and writing three blog items, researching and producing five hours of radio and squeezing in time to write a weekly Observer column and constructing four cover stories a year. It's rewarding, but also tremendously time-taxing.

Not that I'm complaining. I love both gigs and realize how fortunate I am. My blog numbers are high and my radio ratings are headed in the right direction.

What I'm saying is yes, I'll re-engage, while keepin' on keepin' on. When I created Sportatorium in 2007 it wasn't as a breaking news scroll or an aggregation of the day's events (there are sites with multiple staff writers for those types of things). I still feel today I provide some breaking news (like yesterday's Michael Vick key to the city item), but more so a unique view and strong opinion on intriguing topics, sports and otherwise. Or, you might just get a top 10 list about hot girls or a prediction that could either go astray or be spot on.

If you want to go to a chain restaurant there are plenty out there. Consider mine a non-traditional buffet. Monday, for example, I served up some Sam Merten as well. Deelish, no?

Some of you seem to hate my restaurant, yet come nibble daily anyway while yelling how much you despise the chef. That's cool, you're welcome any time.

Olive branch extended.

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