On the Scene at Burger Street Shootings

By now you've no doubt heard: Two men were killed and two more were arrested last night following what appears to be a drug-related robbery outside the Burger Street on E. Mockingbird, between N. Central Expressway and Greenville Avenue. Officers were called to the scene at 10:16 p.m, writes Dallas PD spokesman Kevin Janse in an update sent to media moments ago, at which point they found two men -- 27-year-old Chad Ryan and 29-year-old Robert Allen -- lying in the parking lot, critically wounded. Writes Janse:

Victim Ryan died at the scene. Victim Allen was transported to Baylor Hospital where he also died. Officers followed a blood trail to a nearby apartment [The Phoenix], where several suspects were located and taken into custody. It appears that the suspects and victims were involved in a drug transaction when one of the groups tried to rob the other group. Detectives are still interviewing several witnesses at this time. Two suspects are in custody and will be charged with capital murder. One of the suspects arrested was also shot in the arm during the offense and is at Baylor Hospital.
The suspects' names will be released at a 1 p.m. press conference at DPD HQ.

As it turns out, Observer contributor Dylan Hollingsworth happened to be near the scene not long after the shooting, which is how he came to capture the photograph seen above. His account follows.

Update at 1:32 p.m.: DPD says the two suspects in last night's shootings are Jason Greer Frappier, 24, and Christian Emanual Avalo, 25. Frappier, says DPD, was the suspect shot during the offense, and he's currently at Baylor Hospital recovering from surgery for a gunshot wound to the elbow. "He is being guarded by officers and will be transferred to jail when he is released," says the DPD update. "Each arrestee has been charged with capital murder."

My friend Hampton and I ran out to go to the store and drove up on the scene. I didn't get the whole story, but a security guard at Kroger said she heard eight shots and saw two guys shooting at each other. ... When I got there, there were cops on every corner in a four-block radius. At least 20 cars. They were still looking for suspects. There was a pretty decent (15-20) crowd looking at the body and talking about what may or may have not happened.

Two of them who claimed to be there when it happened said one of the guy's friends was crying over the hood of the car you see in the picture. I think the police took him in for questioning. When I got there around midnight, his head was covered, and they were waiting for the medical examiner. She arrived within 20 minutes, looked him over, wrapped his hands, and then they put him in a bag. ...

I've got pretty thick skin, but it kept me up most of the night. I just keep wondering what this guy's last day here was like -- what his last conversations were like with those he cared for, what he leaves unfinished and unattended to.

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Robert Wilonsky
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