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One Year Later: The Cowboys Overpaid for Roy Williams. Duh.

Seems strange timing to bemoan the Dallas Cowboys' receiving corps in the wake of Miles Austin's record-setting day, but let's face it - the trade for Roy Williams a year ago has been a gigantic flop.

My first reaction to news that the Cowboys had acquired Williams and a 7th-round pick in 2010 from the Detroit Lions in exchange for a 1st, 3rd and 6th in 2009:

Wow, initially that seems like a lot.

(The Lions, by the way, turned those picks into Oklahoma State tight end Brandon Pettigrew, Penn State receiver Derrick Williams and TCU running back Aaron Brown, all of which are in Detroit's regular playing rotation.)

With Terrell Owens sent packing in the off-season, Williams was supposed to be the man. Hasn't happened. T.O. has been a non-factor in Buffalo, currently 104th in the NFL with a whopping 12 catches. But Williams - signed to a $45 million contract by owner Jerry Jones two days after last October's trade - is even less impactful.

After last year catching only 19 passes and one touchdown in 10 games, this year he's amassed 11 for 214 yards and a score. In other words, Austin basically trumped him with Sunday's historic 10-catch, 250-yard performance.

In 15 games in Dallas, Williams is averaging a whopping 2 catches for 27 yards. In a calendar year as a Cowboy, he has two touchdowns. He has, however, questioned his role. So it's not like he's been totally invisible. 

As I was calculating the futility of Williams' non-production last night I flipped on Monday Night Football and was presented with two words that made me cringe even more: Braylon Edwards.

Granted, Edwards is the kind of knucklehead Jones has done a fantastic job of shooing away from Valley Ranch. Speeding tickets of 120 mph, partying with Donte Stallworth the night he got drunk and killed a pedestrian, punching LeBron James' friend. No doubt, he has baggage.

But watching him go up and get the ball - I mean, really go up and get it - is something we're still waiting to see from Williams.

And the price the Jets paid to get him? Compared to Williams, New York stole Edwards from the Dollar Store. To get an elite receiver who in '07 posted 80 catches for 1,289 yardsd and 16 touchdowns, the Jets parted with only backup receiver Chansi Stuckey, special teams ace Jason Trusnik and two low-round draft picks.

Cue slump shoulders. Re-boot criticism of Jerry Jones the GM.

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