Packers 21, Bears 14: My Top 10 Observer-ations

10. Awesome. In this microwaved society of information, I learned Bears' third-string quarterback Caleb Hanie -- thanks, Twitter -- was a former Forney Jackrabbit before Fox TV viewers.

9. Personally, I don't find Pam Oliver attractive. But when it's like 15 degrees outside and she's wearing a blue, knit doily on the back of her noggin' she looks even more ridiculous.

8. Kudos to Packers' punter Tim Masthay, who ball-gagged Devin Hester and tilted field position all day. Five of his eight punts were downed inside Chicago's 20 and one went for 65 yards.

7. The Cheeseheads aren't even in town yet and I'm already sick of them.

6. It sucks how we compare every fat football player to William "Refrigerator" Perry. And speaking of B.J. Raji and his fourth-quarter interception return, I'm not 100 percent convinced he didn't have the ball punched out by Hanie before he crossed the goal line. Forget the Fridge, Raji should study Leon Lett.

5. As good as Aaron Rodgers was at quarterback, one of his biggest plays of the game was his open-field tackle of Brian Urlacher after the third-quarter interception. Shame on Urlacher, right?

4. Hanie's story was almost the stuff of legends. Imagine his Super Bowl hometown celebrity during Super Bowl XLV had he rallied Chicago past Green Bay in the NFC Championshp Game. Think about Stephen McGee being handed the reins in that situation. Yikes.

3. Will Jay Cutler ever live this one down? He was horrible when healthy, but then he left an NFC Championship Game with a knee injury despite being able to ride a stationary bike and stand on the sideline the entire second half? Wow. Willis Reed, hide your eyes.

2. The Packers are coming to Super Bowl XLV, but that wasn't exactly an impressive victory. Felt like they had four of five chances to put the anemic Bears out of their misery and couldn't do it until rookie Sam Shields' interception of Hanie at the 12-yard line in the final minute.

1. Rodgers >> Tony Romo. He turned the 15-yard post to Greg Jennings into something as casual and reliable as a handoff.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.