PETA's Leaving the Naked Women at Home and Bringing Cuddly Stuffed "Sea Kittens"

Speaking of aquariums ... If you're looking for something to do with the kiddos on Friday, and you're particularly fond of the free stuffed animal, may I recommend a trip to the Dallas World Aquarium? At noon on Friday, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will be in front of the Griffin Street joint handing out Sammy the Sea Kittens (a $9 value!) to the wee ones, who might be turned off by the idea of "sea kitten" fish sticks (not my boy). Because, see, PETA's trying to rebrand fish as "sea kittens" to stop people from eating 'em -- and good luck with all that, because Sea Kitten Sushi sounds even yummier. Jessica Simpson, of course, finds this whole thing very confusing.

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