Police Say Kassandra Martinez Ran Over Her Cousin after She Wouldn't Chip in for Gas

It started, police say, with a trip to the club on Saturday night. Kassandra Martinez, 20, picked up three of her cousins in her decade-old Passat and set off for Viviana's Nite Club, near the intersection of Stemmons and Royal Lane.

The deal was, Martinez would drive and everyone would chip in for gas, but when 2 a.m. rolled around, her cousins seemed less eager to pay, arguing instead over whether to go straight home or stop and get something to eat first. So Martinez left them there, driving off with the women's purses in her trunk.

She didn't go far. According to police, she stopped at an Exxon less than a block away. Her cousins caught up with her a couple of minutes later, having hitched rides with others coming from the club. Yunuel Aguilar and her sister got out and went to the back of Martinez's car to fetch their purses.

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Before opening the trunk, Martinez asked if they still planned to help pay for gas. When they said no, the third cousin heard Martinez mutter "Well, if that's the way it is..." before throwing the car into reverse and hitting the gas.

Martinez' Passat rolled over Aguilar once backwards. Then, Martinez allegedly put the car in gear and drove over her cousin again, going forward this time. Aguilar was taken to Parkland, where she was pronounced dead.

Martinez drove home and went to sleep. She went to the hospital later that morning at the encouragement of her mother, who she spoke with on the phone. Police took her into custody at Parkland.

According to an arrest affidavit, she admitted that she'd been driving the Passat and had stopped at the Exxon. She also admitted arguing with her cousins over gas money but denied running anyone over. She swore "that her windows were up so she did not hear anything, nor did she feel any bumps, or hit any curbs or poles ... or any thing at the gas station."

The surveillance video police obtained from the gas station apparently suggests otherwise. She was taken to Lew Sterrett, where she's being held on a murder charge. Her bond was set at $150,000.

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