Rick Perry Answers Question No One Was Asking, Says He Didn't Write Times Op-Ed

For all the Observer's many disagreements with former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, sometimes he is, even we have to admit, so naive that he's charming. Thursday morning, the man who got a C in freshman U.S. history at Texas A&M hopped on the old Twitter machine to calm the fears of the tens of people who might have thought he was the anonymous, highly placed Trump administration official who wrote that dastardly, Trump-trashing op-ed for the failing New York Times.

"I am not the author of the New York Times OpEd," the secretary of Energy tweeted (no, he is a cabinet member, swear), "nor do I agree with its characterizations. Hiding behind anonymity and smearing the President of the United States does not make you an 'unsung hero', it makes you a coward, unworthy of serving this Nation."

The response came quicker than the end to either of Perry's presidential campaigns.


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