Seattle Times Lists Things to Love About Dallas. No, You're Not on It. Sorry.

The Seattle Times is, I guess, trying to pick a fight with the city of Dallas; oh, dear God, please don't tell Steve Blow about this. This morning, Times assistant sports editor Bill Reader pens a piece, in advance of tomorrow's Cowboys first-round playoff loss to the Seahawks in Seattle, about all the good things Dallas has to offer. Like Morgan Fairchild and Barney and the ATM machine.

The piece is straightforward enough; it's more trivia than insults. Only the intro raises eyebrows: "The easy thing to do, of course, would be to make fun of Dallas. To call it America's worst example of urban sprawl, a concrete mess inhabited by women with big hair and the men who love them. It would just be wrong to call Big D a city that thinks recycling is for hippies, and that bicyclists make good moving targets, while making no mention of the vibrant arts scene, the fantastic restaurants and the Southern hospitality of this great, cosmopolitan city."

On second thought, I got no problem with that.

Also, a curious note from the greatness of Deadspin, which today headlines its NBA roundup with: "We Welcome Our Dallas Mavericks Overlords." It then goes on to note that the Mavs have now won 12 straight. "So why," it says in the very next breath, "do we have the feeling that they'll bow out again after a brief playoff run?" Brief? Is everyone being sarcastic this morning? --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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