This sign at left, no doubt a longtime favorite, made its bow over the weekend in our Northwest Dallas neighborhood.

Signs of the Times: Two More Weeks! Two More Weeks! Two More Weeks!

It's become a regular occurrence in our Northwest Dallas neighborhood: Every morning or so, the Obama yard signs go missing or wind up tossed on someone else's lawn; happened only yesterday, matter of fact. And, sure, same thing happens with McCain signs too; it's all part of the fun and games, right. But a sign this morning, if you will, that things are winding to an end: Every single early-polling place I drove by this a.m. was packed -- like, November 4 packed, with vehicles parked on every last blade of available grass. And at one church on Walnut Hill Lane near Marsh Lane, the line at 10 a.m. spilled out the door and into the parking lot.

If you missed it over the weekend, incidentally, The Dallas Morning News ran its McCain endorsement. It kinda wanted to go Barack: "In better times, America could afford to consider entrusting the White House to an appealing newcomer like Mr. Obama and giving control of the presidency and Congress to the same party." But instead, it went to the John: "But in this time of great anxiety, the American people need a leader of experience guiding the ship of state." After the jump, another sign we'd never seen till driving past the clearly pro-American intersection of Hillcrest Road and Forest Lane yesterday -- and some video to make it worth your while. --Robert Wilonsky

Are they yelling to her or shouting for her? So confusing.

And for those who don't watch Saturday Night Live -- and, really, why would you at this late date? -- the videos that go along with that sign:

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