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Single Bullsh Theory: JFK Conspiracy Theorist Groden's Lawyer Asks Court to Dismiss Suit

Brad Kizzia, the attorney repping Robert Groden in his fight with the city to keep selling his JFK conspiracy materials in Dealey Plaza, missed a golden opportunity for some terrific PR by filing these docs with the court yesterday instead of Monday, November 22. Then again, there was a method to Kizzia's madness: In a letter sent to Dallas Municipal Judge Carrie Chavez late Tuesday, the attorney writes:

Hundreds of citizens visited Dealey Plaza yesterday to commemorate that tragic event in American political history and to exercise their First Amendment rights about the controversy that surrounds the greatest murder mystery in American history. Protection of those rights is the very reason that the United States Department of Interior designated Dealey Plaza as part of a National Historic Landmark District 17 years ago.

That's one argument among many Kizzia makes in his brief in support of his motion to dismiss the city's claims that Groden, who was arrested earlier this year during a DPD crackdown in Dealey Plaza, is in violation of the city code. The brief was filed with the court yesterday and is available after the jump (along with his proposed order of dismissal). Following a pre-trial hearing last week, the judge had asked for more supporting documents in advance of another hearing set for December 16, at which point Chavez will decide whether or not the case against Groden goes to trial.

In the meantime, as we noted over the summer, Groden's still out there selling his merch at the assassination site, pending the outcome of the case.

"And the city hasn't gone to hell in a handbasket," Kizzia tells Unfair Park. "Nothing awful is happening out there. He's just exercising his rights. People are attracted to him! He doesn't force himself upon the,. He's providing a public service, much more so than he's bothering anyone. The fact that the city has agreed [to lay off during the court proceedings] and nothing bad has happened proves it's all bull. Hopefully we'll get a court determination of that."

Brief in Support of Dismissing Case Against Robert Broden Proposed Order of Dismissal in Case Against Robert Groden

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