Sorry Rangers Fans, You Don't Deserve the Playoffs

Sorry Rangers Fans, You Don't Deserve the Playoffs

I raised the white flag a while back. Apparently you guys finally gave up, um, last night.

With the Texas Rangers in the middle of a pennant race for only the fourth time in their 37-year history and Cy Young candidate Scott Feldman pitching against a very beatable opponent, an announced crowd of 13,669 showed up Monday night at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

I watched some of this on TV and it didn't look like more than 9,000. At one point I heard Ian Kinsler calling for a pop-up.


Wanna know what a good sports town looks like? There were 38,000 at Wrigley Field in Chicago last night and 20,000 at the Metrodome in Minnesota and 20,000 in San Diego. All three are farther out of the playoff hunt than your lonely Rangers.

So, go ahead, blame the rain and the school night and Monday Night Football. But admit it, this isn't a baseball city. It's a fair-weather winners city.

This weekend's against the Angels will produce three sellouts.

If not, there's always next year. April 5, anyone?

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