Tennell Atkins Ticketed for Assault on City Hall Security Guard

Update: 12:54 p.m.: Atkins has issued a statement about the incident. He admits that he was "a little upset" but denies touching Hultquist.

"I regret that the two ladies feel I was too aggressive in my comments and that I 'shook' one of them," he says. (You can check out Atkins' full statement at the bottom of the post.)

Because of Dallas City Hall's new security measures, the building's green doors stay locked until 8 a.m. On Wednesday, Mayor Pro Tem Tennell Atkins couldn't wait, according to police.

He jerked on the doors, shouting "Open the door!," cops say, as security guard Raquel Hultquist watched. She asked Atkins if he had his city ID with him. He didn't, so she told him to go talk to security at City Hall's blue doors. He didn't, and was eventually buzzed into the building. When he got inside, police say Atkins confronted Hultquist.

"Do you know who I am?," Atkins shouted in Hultquist's face after grabbing the 61-year-old woman by the shoulders. "Why didn't you open the door?"

Hultquist told Atkins she didn't know who he was. She couldn't open the door for anyone without proper ID, she said.

"I'm Councilman Atkins, it doesn't apply to councilmen," Atkins said, continuing to yell at Hultquist.

Atkins could take it up with security, Hultquist said, before Atkins stormed off.

Hultquist told police that she was not injured, just embarrassed and offended by what happened. Atkins was issued a ticket for assault by offensive contact. When called for comment, someone at his office said people there were unaware of the ticket.

While there is a security camera at the entrance, there's not any video of the altercation. The camera hasn't worked since December 4.

Incident Report

Tennell Atkins Statement

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