Texas Oh Jew: UT Student Government Wants 2011 Red River Shootout Moved Off Yom Kippur

A Texas Ex-girlfriend forwards along the link to a site called Move Texas vs. OU Weekend, which is a petition crafted by The University of Texas at Austin Student Government demanding school officials reschedule next year's Red River ShootoutRivalry. At the moment, and probably for good, Texas-OU's scheduled to take place in the Cotton Bowl on October 8. Problem is, far as the SG's concerned, that's also Yom Kippur -- which, I've been told, is a rather important date on the Jewish calendar. Reads the petition:

Next year, Texas-OU weekend falls on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year, a day dedicated to fasting and repentance. The event is more than the game itself. It is the state fair, the fried foods, college GameDay, and the atmosphere of a neutral site game that cannot be duplicated. Over ten percent of undergraduate students at the University of Texas (as well as countless alumni, season ticket holders, and other supporters) are Jewish. For them to be forced to choose between the holiest day in Judaism, and the biggest day of the year for Texas football (and the events surrounding the game) is unfair.
I see the commenters on the Austin American-Statesman's site are, shall we say, unmoved.

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