Dallas County Judge Margaret Keliher's got a good friend in John Wiley Price. Power to the people and all that.

That Wiley Commish

Margaret Keliher and John Wiley Price have made quite the political odd couple over the last four years. She's a demure Republican county judge from Highland Park; he's a brash, confrontational county commissioner from South Dallas. And yet, in Keliher's first term, the two formed a strong alliance over a host of issues, from their opposition to increased funding for the county's criminal justice database to their efforts to help marshal the county's resources to resettle last year's Katrina evacauees. So it's no wonder that Price is coming out in favor of Margaret Keliher in a campaign letter he sent recently. Urging his constituents to vote Democratic, then "support OUR TEAM," Price is pictured with several elected officials, including Keliher.

Running for re-election, Keliher is not exactly in danger of losing to perennial candidate Democrat Jim Foster, who would run for dogcatcher if the position was on the ballot. Still, Price's endorsement, depending on your take, either highlights his independent streak or his penchant for not being a team player.

Interestingly, while Price remains Keliher's strongest ally on the court, the two have differed on several issues over the last few months, including the county judge's refusal to appoint an independent head of Homeland Security for the county. But with the Democratic party unable to find anyone credible to run against Keliher, Price went with the Republican. --Matt Pulle

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