The High School Football Coach Tackled by Cowboys Stadium's Runaway Golf Cart is Suing

It should have been a time of celebration. Willie Amendola had just led his Dekaney Wildcats to Texas 5A Division 2 football title and was giving a post-game interview near the Cowboys star at midfield.

Then, something rather odd happened. A driverless golf cart barreled down the field, crashing into Amendola and six others. He was tossed into the passenger seat and tried unsuccessfully to bring the cart to a halt before giving up and bailing onto the turf.

The whole thing was caught on video, which promptly went viral.

Amendola wasn't seriously hurt. Within minutes, he was giving another post-game interview, albeit with a spot of blood on his arm. The real injury seems to have been to Amendola's pride.

As Courthouse News reports this morning, Amendola and his wife are suing Cowboys Stadium over the incident, which they say was caused by ill-trained, negligent employees who tossed objects onto the floorboard, and ultimately the acceleration pedal, of the cart.

The whole thing caused him "great personal embarrassment," the suit says.

At first glance, the video does not seem to do any damage to Amendola's reputation, other than to suggest that he chose an unlucky spot to give an interview, but who knows? Best to take another look.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.