The Master Cleanser

The Master Cleanser: Day 6

Status: Green

Weight: 158.8 (-12.3)

Mood: Bitchy Belligerent Beloved

When you're on The Master Cleanser, it's the little things. No, really, the little things.

This morning I was sipping my breakfast, chuckling at today's supposed "breaking news" that I gave you two weeks ago about Michael Crabtree, considering what it must be like to be Tim Tebow, and savoring the first "xoxo" in the history of this here Sportatorium:

brianne says:

congrats- i have done this 2 times before for 11 and 10 days resepectively- and right now I am on day 4 for #3.
I have to say by the end- you experience such a calm and peaceful fullness of being... I really like the cleanse- this time around has been the easiest for me~

good luck!

Posted On: Saturday, Jan. 10, 2009 @ 10:06AM

When suddenly I came across heaven - a sheer delicacy. Pulp!

A tiny sliver of wonderful lemon pulp that somehow sneaked through the juicer's strainer and into my cup. Trust me, when you haven't chewed anything but your tongue for six days, it's a luxury.

Like a cow with his cud, I massaged, milked and chewed that pulp for a good 10 minutes. Alas, I'm stuffed.

In other news - for those of you keeping score at home - 7 BM's in the last 24 hours, which would totally explain how I dropped 3 pounds. I think I'm shitting hitting my stride.

XOXO! - Richie Whitt

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