The Top 10 Best Character Names in Sports Movies That I Could Think of Off the Top of My Head

Why did the Los Angeles Lakers lose Game 2 of the NBA Finals Sunday night?

Because they turned their back on Jesus.

Boston Celtics' guard Ray Allen - who played "Jesus Shuttlesworth" in Spike Lee's He Got Game - went off on L.A. He hit a Finals-record eight 3-pointers, scored 27 points in the first half and propelled a 103-94 win that evened the series at 1-1.

How the Lakers continually allowed Allen open looks is inexplicable. And how Jesus Shuttlesworth isn't the all-time best sports movie character name is just as astounding ...

10. Morris Buttermaker - Bad News Bears.

9. Moses Guthrie - The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh

8. Crash Davis - Bull Durham.

7. Clubber Lang - Rocky III.

6. Ricky Bobby - Talladega Nights.

5. Shooter McGavin - Happy Gilmore.

4. Rudy - Rudy.

3. Nuke LaLoosh - Bull Durham.

2. Jesus Shuttlesworth - He Got Game.

1. Rocky Balboa - Rocky

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