Weather Or Not, It's Fascinating

The Top 10 Dallas/Fort Worth Weatherhumans on Your TV Set

Let's start with this premise: Nobody knows nothin'.

Or, better said, nobody knows nothin' different than anybody else. Weatherhumans aren't like sportscasters, who can, on a given night, at least give you a prediction on opposite teams or breaking news in different sports. Weatherhumans on our TVs -- on all TVs -- usually agree other than a few degrees here or there.

It's not like one will predict snow and down the dial you'll get another saying sunny and 86. With all the electronic accu-gizmos and "computer models" these days, it's all one big homogenized yawn. What happened to hunches and gut feelings and "I've seen this before" and trick knees that "act up" ahead of the approaching Blue Norther?

Last weekend I saw most every local station breathlessly talking about a significant winter weather event, only to get a couple inches of snow in my yard. Everybody got it right, but everybody also over-sensationalized the impact.

When it comes to weatherhumans, we're no longer treated to classic greatness like Troy Dungan, Mike Burger, Kristine Kahanek or Harold Taft. Today's weather is all about style, not substance.

So in ranking our top weatherhumans, I took into account not prognostications but rather performance, personality and, yes, pizazz.

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Richie Whitt
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