The Top 10 Most Impressive Individual Sports Achievements and 10 Cool Things I'd Like to See Achieved

Last night was one of those nights.

In a season of 82 Mavericks' games and 162 Rangers' games, we'll remember April 15. For it was last magical night that we were treated to two - almost simultaneous - rare individual athletic feats in our own back yard:

Jason Kidd's Triple-Double and Ian Kinsler's Cycle.

At the time it had my remote control smoking. Now it has my head spinning, as in "Which one was more impressive?"

Obviously Kinsler's single-double-triple-homer is more difficult, especially considering he went on to become the first Ranger to smack six hits in a 9-inning game.

But where does the cycle rank amongst sports' most impressive achievements. I'm not talking something once-in-a-lifetime remarkable like Wilt Chamberlain's 100 points or Lyle Lovett actually shagging Julia Roberts, but a feat that occurs regularly enough to make it seem attainable, yet at the same time impossible.

C'mon, let's debate ...


10. 300 Game - Bowling

9. Riding the Perfect Wave - Surfing

8. 8 Seconds - Bull Riding

7. Hat Trick - Hockey

6. 150 mph Serve - Tennis

5. Triple-Double - Basketball

4. Hat Trick - Soccer

3. No-Hitter - Baseball

2. Cycle - Baseball

1. Hole-in-One - Golf

or ...


10. Deer capable of firing bullets out their antlers - Hunting

9. Standard events, only with really fat guys as the livestock - Rodeo

8. Forward playing an entire game without a sub - Hockey

7. Runner winning 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1600 in same meet, without steroids - Track

6. Player contributing three sacks, two touchdowns and 60-yard field goal in same game - Football

5. LeBron James scoring 102 points, all on dunks - Basketball

4. Horse bucking jockey in gate and winning Kentucky Derby sans rider - Horse Racing

3. Ambidextrous pitcher hurling perfect game via 27 strikeouts - Baseball

2. Lance Armstrong winning an 8th Tour de France while popping a wheelie - Cycling

1. Maria Sharapova beating Anna Kournikova for the All-Nude Championship - Tennis

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.