Three Words: Cinco de Mayo. Three More: Extreme Midget Wrestling

It's sunny. It's May 5th. The Mavs are winning. The Rangers are in Seattle. The birds are chirping. And the patio is calling.

I'll be at Duke's in Addison this afternoon talking Mavs, Mavs and more Mavs on 105.3 The Fan, toasting Mexico with cervezas and, oh yeah, watching midgets wrestle.

(Go ahead, everybody at once ... "Richie, what time will you be wrestling?")

Not me, but one of my radio sidekicks -- Armen Williams -- actually is going to crawl into the ring. Even better, he'll be dressed like Nacho Libre. I couldn't make this up.

I honestly thought that these days we called them "little people," but then I found out that they have their own Extreme Midget Wrestling Federation. So come out and drink a tall one while you watch some short ones.

Yep, I really just wrote that.


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