Tiger's Tale: Just Believe It?

Just Do It? Tiger Woods has done it all.

From 14 Grand Slams to even more extra-marital affairs, he's turned all the tricks. But last week's State of the Brand address was an unprecedented doozy.

Tiger actually proved it's possible - if not preferred - to be defiant while simultaneously asking for forgiveness.

After 78 days of silence the world's best golfer and biggest sports brand appeared on stage in Florida looking, well, like a magician about to pull a rabbit out of his hat. Or maybe a wedding ring out of the fire.

Shiny curtains. Wooden podium. Jacket. No tie. Then for 13 minutes he read from the head, without ever speaking from the heart.

Tiger was more robotic than R2D2.

His delivery was stiff, his pace halting and one-two-three-kick choreographed. He was the same ol' Tiger, cool and calculated. He wasn't, in other words, human. Or different.

He said the right words to the right people, but without taking questions or sounding sincere or genuine, it was a like a dinner - cooked with all the right ingredients - that somehow tasted like crapola.

It was the first step in rebuilding Tiger's image and, in accordance, restoring our trust in him. Let's just hope it wasn't the last. Tiger closed by asking if we could find a spot to believe in him again.

Me? Certainly, just not yet. You?

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Richie Whitt
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