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Tony Romo's Bachelor Party Was Where? Doing What?!


I'm sure the theme of the backlash toward Tony Romo in the wake of this interview will be a continuation of the ridiculous "real men don't wear their hats backward" bullshit. But even as a staunch backward-cap guy myself, I must admit that hide-'n-seek at a bachelor party in West Virginia seems pretty close to the seventh circle of lame-o.

Unless ... well, you know, it was the more traditional version of the game involving the groom and multiple strippers. But, according to Romo, it was just 15 guys playing a non-alcoholic game of groping for other dudes in the pitch dark.

Romo says he won two games, which is one more than the total number of playoff games he's won as an NFL quarterback.

I still believe Romo can lead a team to a Super Bowl -- remember when the Rangers would never go to the World Series or Dirk Nowitzki would never lead the Mavs to a title? -- but I also believe his image would be better served with stories like this left in the dark.

The main questions I have from this interview:

*Who the heck is Graham Bensinger?

*Is it just me, or did Candice have the youngest-looking dad in the history of walk-down-the-aisle fathers?

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