Top Golf = Good. Top Magic = Even Better.

You like golf. But not for five hours in 100-degree heat while paying $50. Oh yeah, and you like Skeeball. And bowling, right?

Then I've got your solution. TopGolf, which now has two locations, one in Dallas and the newest one in Allen.

I beat the heat Saturday afternoon at TopGolf in Allen, just down the street from In-N-Out burger. It's a three-tiered, covered driving range, only with instant, precise feedback on your shot. Computer chips in your range balls update scoring on your personal TV screens, allowing you to compete against other players in your group. Bulls-eye shots are rewarded with more points, etc, like the old arcade game Skee ball. (Hint: Off the back fence straightaway is worth 20 points.)

TopGolf has a couple of full bars. Extensive food menu. Complimentary clubs. Club repair. Lessons. Party rooms. It's a golf experience, without all the hassles of golf.

And, it has magic ...

Between games my group was approached by "Larry," who wondered if we had change for a $20. As he opened his wallet, of course, it caught on fire. Cool, but I've seen that one.

His other tricks? Unbelievable.

The best: Larry said he didn't have a deck of cards handy so he pulled out an imaginary deck. He opened it, shuffled and asked me to fake pull out a card. Look at it. Concentrate on it. Show it to the three guys in my group, but -- funny -- don't show him. Right?

After I put the card, face down, back in the deck another guy cuts and shuffles the invisible deck and hands it to Larry. He snaps and, literally out of nowhere, in his hands is a new, unopened deck of cards. He then removes the plastic and opens the actual deck. As he shows the deck one card only is face down. Yep, my card.

Eight of clubs.


I handed him a $5 for a tip and immediately he folds it up into a wad, and unfolds it into a $1 million bill. The serial code on the bill: IOU5.

I ask a simple question today. How?  

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