March Madness

UConn 53, Butler 41: My Top 10 Observer-ations

10. March Badness: Butler shot 18.8 percent, lowest ever in a National Championship game. Eighteen percent. That's 12 of 64, including an unfathomable 3 of 31 on two-pointers.

9. I for one am happy. Butler's will-over-skill routine might have been efficient, but it isn't a tad entertaining. And, yes, I'm still bitter that they "beat" Pittsburgh in the second round when the Panthers missed a potential game-winning free throw with 1.1 remaining.

8. Give credit to CBS' panel of analysts, none of whom was afraid to pan a horribly played game. Greg Anderson: "Let's be honest, that's the worst college championship game I've ever seen." Seth Davis: "It's a bad showcase for college basketball. Charles Barkley: "Awful." And Clark Kellogg: "Unparalleled ineptitude."

7. Butler missed 19 of its first 20 two-point shots. And led by one. Swear. After hearing his partner Steve Kerr compare the woeful offense to watching paint dry, CBS' Jim Nantz zinged, "That's unfair to paint."

6. UConn's Kemba Walker is a nice player. His lack of size and limited shooting range is a perfect fit for the NBA Developmental League.

5. UConn coach Jim Calhoun, at 68, is the oldest coach to win a National Championship. He's also one of the sleeziest. What does it say about a sport when its crowned coach will next year serve a suspension for "creating and fostering an environment of non-compliance."

4. CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson is a horrible interviewer. But, hey, she's cute. (I had to make one positive comment, didn't I?)

3. Last night's game concluded the worst Final Four I can recall. Not a No. 1 or No. 2 seed in the bunch, two 9-plus loss teams in the final and only player -- Walker -- on the top three All-American teams. No stars. No memorable -- much less transcendant -- teams. I love college hoops, but good riddance.

2. Is there anyone in sports that oozes scripted sappiness more than Nantz? After last night's "dog fight" between the Huskies and Bulldogs, he exclaimed that Connecticut was "best in show!"

1. I know America loves an underdog, but can we please be done with Butler? In two championship games they've scored 100 points. Combined. That's 41 Monday night and 59 in last year's loss to Duke. Enough already.

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Richie Whitt
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