Videos of the Week: Sports, Sex and Stupidity

Lots of stuff hit the Internet while I was on vacation. Let's play some peek-a-boo catch-up, shall we?


I can't legally directly link to the Erin Andrews video - you know the one - but I can say that I saw it last week at a site that rhymed with smotally nsfw dot com. I watched it a couple times (for research!) and I can say that I sincerely feel guilty about not feeling guilty. She is the victim of a crime. She's also a slave to her sexuality. No doubt it's opened professional doors for her. Now it's haunting her once-private life. Erin is an extremely good-looking, below-average storyteller. Life ain't fair, but I say that in the long run this incident will only enhance her aura and, in turn, her career. That said, personally it's a humiliating nightmare for her. What does it all mean? It means good luck with your search, that's what it means. But be careful.



And I thought I felt bad when I watched white trash embracing being a redneck? Bennett, already fined this off-season for an inappropriate video, again proves he's an immature kid with too much time on his hands. Let's just hope his grasp of the Cowboys' offense is better than his understanding of humor. And common sense.






If it makes me a bad person, so be it: Gawd I hope he fails. I hope his new reality show tanks and I hope he drops every pass thrown his way in Buffalo. The video has its moments. Apologizing for Joe Buck's show is genius. But T.O. could endear himself to critics if he'd show an ounce of humility and apologize for all those lazy patterns, botched drops and locker-room distrubances to come. Of course he didn't. He won't. Please fail.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.