Watch Fireworks Techs Make Reunion Tower Into a 560 Foot, Flame-Spewing Roman Candle

Creating a dramatic fireworks display is hard enough when the pyrotechnics are launched from  the ground. But during 2017's New Year's show, AT&T Streaming Lights at Reunion Tower, the fireworks erupted from the base of the tower to the top, 560 feet high. The Reunion Tower was more than just a platform, using it's light system to accompany more than 4,000 pyrotechnic special effects.

Reunion Tower Fireworks, By the Numbers

- It took approximately 1,000 hours to build, fasten, and wire all the pods and armatures at an offsite facility.

· Installation of this hardware at Reunion Tower took approximately 350 hours.

· Eight control computers are synchronized to shoot the fireworks, with a firing precision of 1/30th of a second.

- There were more than 200 firing modules, located throughout the tower, connected by approximately 18,000 feet of cable.

· The pyrotechnic display filled the 70 million cubic feet of airspace in and around the tower.


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