West Dallas Chamber Chair Is Not Pleased With Plan to Put Salvage Yard Near Trinity River

On May 20, the City Plan Commission gave Bruce Heydarian the okee-doke to plant an enormous scrap yard on Singleton Boulevard and Pluto Street, not terribly far from the Trinity River. Only two commissioners voted against the plan, among them Michael Davis; the rest had no problem with giving Heydarian a specific use permit good for two years, with options to renew. And so, tomorrow the Dallas City Council will more than likely OK the application -- it's on the council's consent agenda, following some public comments on the matter.

But Victor Toledo, chairman of the West Dallas Chamber of Commerce, is most decidedly against the permit application -- so much so he just sent to Unfair Park a rather thick packet of docs outlining his opposition. Also included is a missive sent last week to council member Steve Salazar in which Toledo says he and other business owners in the area are tired of seeing their part of town turned into the city's "dumping ground" for salvage yards. Besides, Toledo tells Salazar, back in August "you stated that you would not approve of any salvage yard type zoning cases in West Dallas unless the operations were in enclosed structures." This one is not.

Toledo's docs, along with a PowerPoint showcasing West Dallas's history including "shameful housing practices and environmental racism," follows.

Update at 5:02 p.m.: I just received the following e-mail from Toldeo: " I just received an email from CM Salazar's office that this zoning case will be held over until the December Council meeting." That is all.

West Dallas Zoning Overview - Heydarian (11.4.10) Letter Re Heyderian Rezoning

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.